Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's not possible that food this delicious cannot be fattening!! The Chocolate Nut Mousse is absolutely rich, dark and creamy with narry a 'cream' in sight. The recipe, like others of the 'creamy' kind calls for Silken Tofu which is difficult to find in our neck of the woods. I'm a bit irked that many of the Vegan recipes I've come across seem to include processed Soya Bean, Tofu, Seitan or Geitan. I'm not knocking these meat substitutes but ...what's the point? I use them occassionally but prefer to cook using, um...VEGGIES and legumes. Because the meat substitutes are so like meat it's easy to slip them into the comfortable role of the main attraction with veggies as the sideshow. Meat substitutes do have their merits as "fast food" or for grilling over a BBQ, and of course...for weening meaters off their poison! :-)

Chocolate Nut Mousse

2 x not too ripe Bananas
2-3 x TBLS smooth unsalted/unsweetened Peanut Butter ( or nut butter of your choice)
2-3 x Heaped TBLS raw Cocoa

Whisk or pop in blender until smooth, creamy and fluffy...add rice or soy milk to suit desired thickness.

Garnish with non-dairy cream whip, Berries in season or Banana.

Serves 2

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