Thursday, June 10, 2010

And so the cold, wet and blustery days of winter set into the Cape, storms thrash the coastline and everyone huddles around warm fires, nursing Gluwein and stroking a cat...or something. Today was not one of those days!:-) Instead the sun blazed down from a blue, cloudless sky and except for the slight nip in the wind you'd think Spring had arrived. Winter veggies are cheap and readily available this time of the year, Avocados, Butternut, Brocolli, favourite any time of the year. As the sun sets the chill rises and thick Veggie soups, Pasta dishes and hearty Curries seem the order of the evening. This Penne dish can be served hot or cold and is delicious both ways.

Hot/Cold Penne Salad

2 x cups Penne ( cooked)
4 x Soy Sausages ( grilled and sliced)
Handful Rocket Leaves ( roughly sliced )
6 Sundried Tomatoes ( sliced)
10 x black Olives
4 TBLS Olive Oil
I clove crushed Garlic
Grated rind of one Lemon
A few pinches of mixed Italian Herbs
Salt and Pepper to taste

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