Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finally a premises has been located...right in the heart of Simonstown. It's winter and the tourist season hasn't arrived, mind you neither have the Whales! They're usually here by now. Wonder if the Soccer World Cup has anything to do with it? :-) I digress...Have not done any cooking at home what with all the meetings...the bane of getting involved with Capitalists, and landlords! However, I've remained pretty much true to my socialist roots and, at least, drove a bargain...of sorts! Ok, ok...I could have done alot better but I'm the new kid on the block! We begin trading tomorrow (on a small scale while we empty the shop of antiques to make space)...delicious Chessy Muffins...trying out the very expensive Cheesly Vegan these will not go cheap! Also a pot of hearty Spicey Pumpkin Soup, Seed loaf, assorted teas and Muffins..Cranberry, Banana and Date and of course, coffee, Hot Chocolate and espresso... I hope to see you there!<3

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    how do we get hold of you... where is your place in simonstown?
    you can contact me on